Make Ramadan 2018 Motivating And Healthy! 7 UNBELIEVABLE Easy Tips To Stay Dedicated!

It’s already 18th April! Time indeed flies! And with that, I just realized that there’s exactly one month to go for the most awaited month of Muslims- Ramadan! Yes, Ramadan 2018 is just exactly a month away and I am SO excited!

With that being said, I thought to jot down a couple of posts every week exclusively for this holy month. So, my first post of this series would be about staying motivated and healthy before the onset of Ramadan 2018.

So, let’s get it started!

Start Eating Less

As you all know, Ramadan is primarily about abstaining from food and fasting from daybreak to the sunset. Since this year, it’s going to be pretty hotter than last year, it’s better to start practising the schedule beforehand. Try consuming lesser foods every day. Check yourself from gulping down snacks every now and then. And most importantly, stay away from processed and caffeinated drinks. The more you practice this, the lesser you will feel hungry during the fasting hours. Here’s a motivational Hadith to help you with it.

Ramadan 2018

Focus On Meditation

It’s not just for Ramadan 2018, but in fact for every year! This holy month is primarily vital for the sake of meditation and praying. Make this a habit even before Ramadan starts. Don’t just jump on your praying mats and reciting Koran because the world is doing so. Or because you HAVE to do in this month. Make this a habit and schedule your entire day based on these two activities. Only when you make praying and reciting Koran a habit out of mutual desire, you will understand its sweetness in Ramadan.

Ramadan 2018

Slow On Junk Food

Okay, I totally understand the cravings of those brownies and pizzas! Staying away from junk food is not just a great tip for keeping your system healthy before Ramadan but is also quite vital for having a healthy and better summer. Junk food not only upsets your digestive system but also adds more weight, thereby leading to obesity. Along with that, they also block your arteries and elevate your blood pressure as well. Make sure to avoid them at least 15 days prior to Ramadan to ensure a healthier and a motivating fasting all throughout the Ramadan.

Ramadan 2018

Shop Beforehand

This one is probably my all-time favourite even before I got married! I know how tempting it may seem to shop just before the Eid-ul-Fitr. But trust me, shopping even before Ramadan starts can be a bit wiser. Shopping beforehand helps you save time, energy and most importantly lets you do quality shopping. With no deadlines being set for Iftar preparations and Taraweeh, you can actually focus better on what you need. Also, it lets you shop better because you don’t have to hop around stores with an empty stomach craving for just a sip of water. C’mon admit it, it’s true!

Ramadan 2018

Decrease Technology

I know it’s not that easy but you got to practice it! If you have a family and you want your children to focus more on prayers and Koran, let them know their importance before. Reduce usage of television and mobile phones to a Rabare minimum. Instead, train them to use that time to read Koran or at least read about Hadiths. Sit with your family and have a healthy discussion on the importance of Ramadan. Trust me, a sudden outburst shall only pressurize them!

Ramadan 2018

Kick Away Bad Habits

I am a social media junkie, you could be a TV fanatic! Bad habits don’t kick in out of the blue. We create them and soon when Ramadan comes, we feel that we are being pushed to feel spiritual. Don’t let that happen! Know your bad habits and try cutting them out before the holy month sets in.

Ramadan 2018

Ramadan Plan

Once, you’re done with these, make sure to set a Ramadan 2018 plan. Now, what do I mean by this? Here’s an example. Completing Koran once in Ramadan is by far the most common practice that probably every Muslim does. If you’re a slow reader (like me) start off reciting the Koran even before the month sets in. This might help you finish it off in the holy month, thereby making it an easy and enjoyable affair.

Ramadan 2018

Set your goals and a list of to-do things and lay down your schedule based on them. Trust me, this will definitely help you a lot. And if you’re a new mother like me, it’s going to be too helpful than you ever thought about.

So, people, that’s it! These are some of my personal tips that I feel can be followed before facing Ramadan 2018  to ensure a dedicated holy month all throughout. Did you like these tips? Do have something else to share? Let me know in the comments.

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