Want To Be A Smart Shopper? 6 INSANELY Easy Tips To Save Bucks While Shopping Smart!

I LOOOOVE shopping! Since years, shopping has time and again helped me beat stress, to feel good every now and then and to be happy. (No, I ain’t a millionaire yet!) I was no smart shopper back then, but I have to admit it shopping is sheer happiness. Period.

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However, it took me quite a couple of years to understand the core of being a smart shopper. With the eternal price hike in almost all commodities, it took quite a while to know how to save money while shopping smartly.

smart shopper


Yes, the combination actually exists!

If you too are looking for ways to shop wisely while saving some bucks as well, you might find this post helpful. Next time, irrespective of what you’re buying, try using these tips to become a smart shopper.

Shop Online

Online has always been my favourite thing! And especially for shopping, it has been so so helpful, which is quite obvious. Shopping online helps you save time and energy. With the net being replete with uncountable shopping sites like Amazon, Etsy, eBay and Flipkart, it has become so easy to choose the ideal product from a huge range. Apart from the variety, online shopping also lets you explore within your budget, which is quite a big deal.

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You can shop while working, while travelling, send gifts anywhere, check reviews from real users, before buying the ultimate product and can still return. And especially for ambiverts like me, you can also avoid crowds and can totally avoid the salesman distraction. So, Yay!

Plan Ahead

I remember how much I underestimated this! Before you start shopping, sit back at home and plan what you exactly need. Ask yourself these questions:

Why is it required?
Where will you keep or put it? And
Who is going to use it?

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Don’t just plunge in shopping just because you got your salary or a bonus. Once, you got these answers, give yourself some time like around a week AND then go for shopping. This time period might help you get what you want back in your home. Or may also help you get a substitute as well.

Keep In Budget

Come on, you got to admit this! At least I am not a billionaire who can literally spend lavishly on every other thing that I get! Staying on a budget is always so important because it helps you check buying and frivolous purchases. Your monthly budget could be anything. It can be $50 or even $100. Just make sure to stick to it, come what may!

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Compare prices

This is probably one of the best things I experienced after marrying an engineer. All the time, I knew about it but was too lazy to implement it. Of course, all thanks to online shopping! If you shop online, you might have known by now that different online stores offer different prices. Make the best use of this feature. Compare the prices, the quantity offered and the delivery time as well. A right planned decision is sure to help you save some bucks and can help you be a smart shopper.

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Use Coupons

Coupons are probably one of my all-time favourites to save some bucks. When used correctly, coupons can actually be a great deal. There are lots of sites that offer some really exciting coupons that can actually help you even up to 60 to 80%. Coupon Pandora, being one of them, helps you avail coupons from the leading online stores, offering a huge range of almost everything you need. Check the for expiration dates and give them a shot. They can be real deal breakers and worth to be invested in!

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Quality NOT Quantity

Aaah! I have been such a big victim! Every time I saw something cheaper than the bigger lot, I thought I just became a smart shopper. Which was, in reality, quite the opposite! Brands don’t just put high prices for no reason! Instead of buying ten shirts at less price, invest in a couple or two from some really good brands. They last really longer than the inexpensive lot, thereby helping you save in the long run.

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Take YOUR Decision

If you shop offline, make sure to stay clear of salesmen! They make every possible effort to convince you buying even those which you can never need. Make sure to follow Rule #2 to avoid unnecessary spending. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want, but don’t EVER let them take advantage of this. Salesmen are always ready to extract as much money as possible from your pockets. Don’t let them do so!

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Do you follow these tips? Are you a smart shopper? Or do you have something else to share? I would love to know your thoughts about these tips. Also, if you liked this post, don’t forget to share with your shopaholic friends.

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