Best Google AdSense Alternatives : How To Earn Without Adsense

Best Google AdSense Alternatives : How To Earn Without Adsense

When we think about how to make money online from a website Google Adsense comes first of all in our mind. Many of us apply for Google Adsense to get their account approved, but everybody not get it approved. Even there comes the situation when Google Adsense account is banned or disabled. But this is not the end.

You can retry for Google Adsense by following their TOS or can try other alternatives to Google Adsense. There are lots of bloggers out that are making good money without using Google AdSense. So, if you think AdSense is the only monetization option, you should think again. Here are some 15 best Google Adsense alternatives you can try to monetize your website and earn money without Adsense.

1. is one of the largest contextual based ad program. It is powered by Yahho! Bing that places contextual ads on your site that are highly relevant to content. Revenue wise it is 2nd largest ad program.

This is similar to Google Adsense and does not offer cheap looking ads. It is self-serve platform to create ad units that display a mix of relevant display and text ads for desktop and mobile traffic.

They allow you to change color, font, and shape of your ad units so that they can better integrate with your website design. The best thing about is that they provide dedicated account managers and you can take help from account manager for better customization of advertisement to be shown on your blog.Media.Net has minimum payout of $100 and they work on NET 30 terms basis. Generally it takes 2 days to get your account approves. So it is one the best alternative to Google Adsense.

2. PropellerAds Media

This is one of the biggest ad network for pop-under ads. A pop-under ad opens in new window and then usually gets minimized or go out of focus.  Propeller Ads started in 2011 and quickly developed into one of the alternatives to Google Adsense.

They accept advertisers with campaigns based CPA and CPL conversions and publishers are paid on NET 30 basis. NET 30 means you will be paid after 30 days of reaching the minimum payout. Minimum payout is $100 for Payoneer payments and $500 for wire transfers.

They have referral program and pay you 5% referral commission. Here publishers participate on a revenue share model where they receive 80% of the revenue generated by their inventory.

3. VigLink

VigLink is very good alternative to Google Adsense. This advertising network converts normal outgoing links into affiliate links. You earn commissions made by every purchase through those links. It works with AdSense and support Blogs and Forums.

VigLink makes our content monetization easy since it is SEO friendly. It  reviews websites very quickly and there’s no minimum payout. Here Payment is made via Paypal. With VigLink Anywhere, you can create a link of URL of the page you like to share & post to social sites and even send mails.

If you refer a new user to VigLink they will pay you 35% of our commission for the first year. You can visit VigLInk if you wish to join and earn money vide this alternative to Google Adsense.

4. RevenueHits

RevenueHits is another impressive Google Adsense alternative. It is the best network for publishers who want to generate more revenues with state of the art Contextual & Geo-targeted Ad Serving technology. Your earnings are determined by how ads on your website perform which means they pay you for results.

You can create banner ads, sliders, pop-unders, buttons and more, but some users may get irritated if ads are not chosen wisely. Cost Per Action (CPA) ads work the best on RevenueHits,but they also claim to offer the highest CPM rates. Their minimum payout is $50 and they pay via PayPal, Payoneer and bank transfer

If you want to earn extra then RevenuHits also have referral program for you. As per latest details for a publisher with monthly revenue up to $1500, you will receive 5% share from his earnings for one year. For a publisher with monthly revenue over $1500, you will receive 10% share from his earnings for one year. So create your account here and get started as it is very easy to get approval.

5. Clicksor

Clicksor is often taken as Google AdSense alternative on many sites. Its Ad network works by placing content based Ads on website. It has variety of ads format like Banner Ads, Pop under Ads, Interstitial Ads Layer Ads, In text Ads etc. The ad code generation can be bit confusing for new user, so simple publisher dashboard is better for them instead of advanced dashboard. It gives you an idea about average earnings of each ads format.

Clicksor has no minimum traffic requirement for publishers. Their Offer types include CPV, CPI, CPM, and CPC. It is compatible with Google Adsense and its approval & Sign up process is easy. You can earn extra money by simply referring friends , family, co-workers and acquaintances who owns a website. As you refer more people, the commission you receive increases proportionately. There is no limitation on the number of people you can refer and in this case the more the better. Publisher’s share of revenue is near about 70%.

It operates on Net-15 payment terms. Clicksor minimum payout threshold is $50. Payment methods are PayPal, wire transfer and by check.

6. Chitika

Just like Google Adsense you get paid on CPC basis here. They allow to customize your ads as per your choice to get maximum clicks. This works with Google Adsense. Getting approval in Chitika is not difficult. Just create an account and put their code on your website.

It serves only contextual ads (i.e. the ads related to the content of your website). Chitika ads are search target based. So, they work best for websites which receive most of their traffic from search engines. Chitika has a good enough reporting system to let you know how much you’ve earned. Payment methods are PayPal and through Check. Minimum payout in case of PayPal is $10 and for Check, minimum payout is $50. Chitika works on NET 30 terms. It also has an affiliate program which can be a source of additional income for you.

7. Infolinks

Infolinks is another online ad network which is significantly visible on various blogs and websites across the Internet. Infolinks shows ads that are matching with your site content. They provide various types of advertisement unit such as Intext, Intag, Inscreen, Infold, Inframe and your conversion rate will be high as their advertisements are based on keywords and key phrases related to your website.

Infolinks ads are tightly integrated with your content with no additional space required. Your website should be user-friendly & you should not be submitting or promoting adult content, gambling or any kind of illegal stuff on your website. They make payments on NET 45 through Paypal, Check, Bank Transfer, ACH etc. Its signup process is easy and it has put up a low minimum payment threshold

8. Adversal

Again Adversal is one of the popular alternative of Google Adsense. Adversal is among best networks which play online. They provide banner and Pop up advertisements and have very high CPM rates for USA and Canada.

In order to get into Adversal, you need moderate traffic Appx 50,000 views per month on your website. Adversal pays on NET35 basis. Payment modes are PayPal, Check, Wire and ACH.

Their minimum payment threshold for PayPal and Check is $20 and for Wire is $250. To earn extra income you can also join their referral program.

9. PopAds

PopAds is performance based pop-under ad network. You can get approval easily and  signup process is fast. They provide real time stats to check current reports. They have good rates and they can monetize all countries.

They do not approve illegal and adult sites. Here payment is handled on daily basis with $5 threshold, so whenever you reach $5 you can request for payment. Payment is done via PayPal and Payoneer.

10. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is very famous publisher program as it is fast and easy to use. It is good alternative to Google Adsense if you do not get Adsense approval or get banned or blocked by Adsense. You need to paste an HTML code into your web pages and ads will instantly start appearing. It has 100 % fill rate.

Bidvertiser offers various ad formats including Banner Ads, Text Ads, Slider Ads, and Mobile Ads. You can even customize the ads so that they fit the look and feel of your website. Payment frequency is NET 30 which is paid via PayPal and Bank transfer. The minimum payment amount for PayPal is $10 USD while for cheque it is $50 USD.

11. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is a marketplace where publishers and advertisers come to meet for buying and selling ad space on websites and blogs. BuySellAds does not accept low traffic sites into their network.

If you have quality traffic and if you get a good number of page views each and every month then you can earn a lot of money using BuySellAds. They offer various kind of advertisement units such as text, image, image & text both, RSS feed and sponsored tweets.

After approving creative, the advertisements begin running immediately. Minimum payout is $20. Payment methods are PayPal, Check and Bank transfer. They follow NET 30 for payment.

12. Qadabra

If you have low traffic then Qadabra is one of the best alternative to Google AdSense. They have simple setup and you will get approval in no time. You need to just sign up and register. After approval, you can add their code in your website to show the ads.

Qadabra has got standard ad formats as well as slide-in banners and pop-up ads. Qadabra offers a variety of rich media ads which is something Adsense doesn’t.  For Asian countries, Qadabra provides some fewer rates.

They follow NET15 and pay via PayPal and Payoneer with minimum payout $1. Beginners should opt for PayPal and move to wire transfer later when their revenue increases.

13. Superlinks

If you have moderate traffic on your site then Superlinks is good alternative to Google Adsense. Superlinks CPM rates are good. They offer a variety of ad formats for your blogs like full page ads, sliders, footer ads, exit links which are all focused to increase earning from current visitor count.

Their payout frequency is NET35 via PayPal with minimum threshold of $100, ACH and Wire transfer with minimum threshold of $ 500. Superlinks is an excellent program if you are looking for other options than Google AdSense.

14. Yllix

Yllix is very simple to use. You can easily learn the system. Sites having good quality of traffic can signup at Yllix media and start with ad programs like CPC, CPM, CPA etc. Yllix has Pop under ads, mobile redirects, sliders, layer ads and full page ads so you can easily make money with them.

As Yllix supports adult traffic so those who are looking for adult content ads can check it out. Minimum payout is $1 via PayPal, Payza & Wire transfer with payout frequency to daily, weekly or monthly.

15. Amazon Associates

Amazon, the largest online shopping store has Amazon Associates Program which you can use as an alternative to Google AdSense. The working of Amazon Associates is easy to understand. If you are good at finding and promoting the right products, you can make decent income while working as an Amazon affiliate.

Amazon allows you to put dynamic image ads to your blog, so that you can promote them and while this isn’t a Pay-per-click or CPM program, it will pay you a small commission for everything they sell from your links. Amazon pays you different percentage of commission for different types of products. You can use Amazon Associates with Google AdSense at the same time. To visit Amazon Affiliate Click Here.

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