These Ultimate Summer Tips Help Me Survive Heat And Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle!

And finally, the most dreaded season is here in India! SUMMER!




Okay, I know that was very very dramatic! But, I just hate it so much! Well, because…



With April 2018 already there (so fast), it’s again that time of the year when your face shall be filled with salt. I mean sweat! But, since it’s totally unavoidable (like the Calcutta University exams), I just thought to let you know guys how do I actually deal with this season every year.

So, today’s post shall be about staying healthy in summer while beating the Indian heat as well. From a makeup to wardrobe, I am hoping this post and its tips shall be really helpful!

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  • Avoid junk food

Okay, I know I just posted a pizza on my Instagram profile but that happens once in a blue moon! Every year, I almost pledge myself to avoid junk foods as much as possible. Due to being high in calories, salts and trans-fats, they consume quite a good deal of time to digest itself. And since, this year I have my daughter on-board, a complete abandonment of junk food has become my priority. And yes, try consuming nuts in moderation as they too, like junk foods, can take quite a time for digestion.


  • Befriend yoghurt

From helping in digestion to cooling down your entire system, every summer, I literally gulp yoghurt at least twice or thrice a week. And since I am a Bengali by birth, I just love filling my system both with our classic “mishti doi” (sweet yoghurt) and the regular yoghurt. It is good for your overall health, your skin, your hair and also for your weight loss regime. Yoghurt is sheer love!


  • Hydrate yourself

This is probably one of my most loved points! Hydration becomes mandatory not just for every breastfeeding mother, but also for everyone.

With the Indian heat rising up to 45 degrees Celcius, it becomes primarily important to drink at least 3-4 litres of plain water. Along with that, include lots of other drinks like lassi, lemonade, and coconut water. If you too suffer from low pressure like me and are quite prone to dizziness, include lots of saline water or glucose.



Try consuming water from earthen pitchers as they are better than chilled in refrigerators. Cold water helps in tightening your blood vessels, which further makes you feel even hotter. For a perfect cool, wrap a wet cloth all over the pitchers or even jugs. They help to cool the water naturally.

  • Foods rich in water content

And like consuming liquids, you must also consume foods that are rich in water content. Include lots of fresh fruits and veggies like cucumbers, mangoes, watermelons, bananas and litchis. Consume lots of salads. They are pampering to taste buds along with being beneficial to health.




  • Loose cotton clothes

Probably, one of the most common tips to stay cool every summer! Cotton helps breathe air into your skin and loose clothes help circulating more air. At all costs, avoid wearing clothes that are made of synthetic materials.  Click on the images to buy these beautiful pieces.

  • Pants not jeans

Take out all your salwars and patialas and ditch off those jeans for a while. Like the above-mentioned point, loose pants or bottoms help in circulating more air thereby protecting your legs to sweat a lot. If you want more protection from those sunrays, try quitting shorts as well. Click the images below to buy such bottoms. 



  • Flip-flops or sandals

I just love ballerina flats, but when it’s summer, I always pick up the flip-flops or those classic Kolhapuris. It not only helps you with an easy walk on those uneven roads, but it also helps your feet from accumulating sweat and those dreary smells.


  • Go Indonesian

Now, if you’re a regular follower of my blog, you would know that I wear a headscarf. Being a Hijabi girl in summer is NO easy deal. However, to make things better, I generally use a one-fit scarf or the Indonesian styled scarves, instead of wrapping layers. Yes, ladies I know the latter one definitely has the glam but the former one helps you feel more comfortable. I know it because I have tried both during summers.


  • Invest in loose abaya

Abayas usually come in various styles and also, in layers. For the Indian summer, I would always suggest a one-material abaya or just a cotton long coat. In case, you don’t have the latter, you can also opt for stitching a couple of them, to be worn only in summer.


  • Sunglasses

Never leave your home without a good pair of sunglasses. A good pair not only helps you with the fashion statement but also protects your eyes from that unrequired sun glare.



Beauty and skincare

  • Avoid foundation

Please, please skip foundation unless you are always in ACs. In case, you do have to, keep it as less as possible. You can also invest in some good BB creams that come along with SPF protection as well. If your skin is more oily, dab loose powder all over your face.


  • Sunscreen

You know it, I know it. Everyone knows it! Sunscreens are just a MUST, come what may. Even, if you are going for around 15 minutes, never give it a miss. If your skin is oily, opt for a gel-based one and if it’s dry, go for a moisturizing one. Make sure to get a sunscreen that has at least an SPF 15. Apply it all over your exposed parts and you’re all set for the sun.



  • Aloe Vera

They help in fighting your pimples and they also help fight against the sunburns. Apply aloe vera gel on your sunburn areas. For better instant relief, fill up an entire ice-cube tray/trays with good quality aloe vera gel. Take out a couple of cubes and apply them directly to your affected area/areas.



  • Apply eyeliner

I just hate panda eyes and to avoid any such scenario, especially in summers, I opt for only eyeliners. Pencil ones are way better than liquids because those are less prone to getting washed away in sweat. To give a fresher look, I avoid applying liners or kajals on my waterlines. Instead, I just glide a stroke on my upper lash line.


  • Wet wipes

This is probably my bag’s must-have every summer and it’s quite obvious as well. No matter where you go, always make sure to carry a couple of wipes. Unlike handkerchiefs, they are used only for once. That means every time I use it, I get rid of the entire accumulated sweat and bacteria. And yes, they also give you a fresh look. So, don’t give it miss!


  • Moisturize your lips

Winter or summer, I always have chapped lips! Sometimes, I feel they love me more than my mother! Anyway, jokes apart, make sure to always keep your lips moisturized and most importantly, sun-protected. Invest in good quality lip balms that can not only hydrate your lips for long hours but can also protect it from the harmful UV rays. 


  • Waterproof makeup

I guess this is one of the most underrated summer tips but nonetheless an important one. Invest in good quality waterproof makeup. They can not only provide a consistent look all throughout the day but also help you those unsightly draining make-up face.


  • Deodorant

Now, this one is for all those who smell terrible due to excess sweat. Make sure to apply it after every time you bathe. I don’t use deodorants because some of them have really strong odour which almost kills me. So, if you’re like me, opt for the natural one. Take a small amount of baking soda and apply them on your underarms, after every bath. That’s it!


Note- If you have a super sensitive skin, try using on one underarm to check if it suits your skin before making it a schedule.

So, people, these were some of my tips that help me beat the heat every summer. If you feel I need to include some more, feel free to comment below. Also, since the heat is getting built up every single day, don’t forget to hit the share button.

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